Vintage Replogle Globemaster by LeRoy M. Tolman. Metal base, spins on copper metal base, table globe raised, 12 inch diameter. Has small tear on globe, otherwise good condition.
As shown 14 inches tall by 8 inches wide. Wheel does spin when treadle is moved. Has NOT been tested due to fraying of the old electrical cord.
As shown, approx 10 inches high, varying widths. No rips/tears in material, but, they could use a cleaning. Very cute, big eyed, snuggle toys.
Danish modern style, aluminum pieces. 2 candlestick holders and a 'vase' for flowers/greenery. Holders are 10.5 inches tall, vase is 5x6 inches.
ALL for one price. They have never been opened. 1996 edition. A few small rough box edges but otherwise in good shape. Selling ALL together. CASH ONLY
All pieces are marked, only 'non vintage' is the tea caddy/cup.
Vintage piece of chalk ware, 9 inches tall by 7 wide. Shows it age, but, makes a great door stop.
Heavy brass artillery shell ashtray. 4.25 inches in diameter. I purposely did not clean the brass, the item has been used.
Quaint piece, heavy brass--10 inches long, 5 inches tall.
6 inches tall, by 8 inches across--and definitely used. Has rusting issues on bottom.
VERY COOL, 'spirit ribbons' from the 1988 Warner Robins High School football season. One has the whole schedule, there's the 'homecoming' ribbon....and, nifty graphics on all the rest. Plus, a small promo football sponsored by KMart. Nice piece of alum nostalgia.
Group of silver dimes/Quarters-80.00,2 Books of Wheat pennies,4 Large cents,4 Indian Head pennies,2 Standing Liberty Quarters-52.00,Roll of silver Quarters-160.00,1986-s Silver dollar and 1982-S Silver .50 cent 25.00,1922-D silver dollar-16.00,1921-D Half dollar-100.00,1876-S Half dollar-25.00,1870 Penny-40.00,1864 Copper Nickel penny 50.00,1878 penny-25.00,1863 penny-20.0015 Buffalo Nickels-8....
Book of Mercury Head Dimes 69 different dates 1916-1945.
15 Walking Liberty Half-dollars-1917,1934 1934-S,1936,1936-S,1939-D,1940-S,1941-S1942,1942-D,1943-D,1944-D,1945,1945-D AND 1946 IN 2 BOOKS.
Very cute, 'American Maid' brand little girl's stroller for her dolls. All original materials, in used shape--couple of places where material is torn....but, as you see, stroller looks good and moves well. 31 inches high, 21 inches deep and 12 inches wide.
A 'snake charmers' basket with metal stand. 32 inches tall: basket is 14 inches tall and 13 inches at its widest point. All you need is a flute and the cobra.......
Metal, danish modern gold gilded magazine racks. Round one is 14 inches tall, 14 inches wide and 7.5 inches deep. Rectangular is 15 inches tall, 18 inches wide and 6 inches deep.